Building Interactive Fragments with Listview in Android Tablet API 3.2

Android API 3.2 has launched with interactive support for Scrollable ListView , Tab View, FrameLayout which is very interactive in Landscape mode of Android API 3.0 Tablet View.

To start with Application in Android 3.2 , let’s remind the core structure of HoneyComb UI in Android 3.0 API.

First of all , Start in Eclipse -> Project Name-> Target API-> 3.2 -> Provide Package Name-> Target SDK Selection : 13 (for 3.2 API).

Lets code for main.xml:













Next , let’s write for FrameLayout which is default view for Android Tablet  view.

Lets write for Fragment2 Strings: 


staticfinal String[] TITLES =



“Gynaecology & Obstretrics”,


“General Medicine”,




“General Surgery”,

“Laproscopic Surgery”,




“Gynaecological Laproscopical Surgery”,




“Audiometry & tympanometry”,

“Neuro Surgery”,

“Oral & Mazillofacial Surgery”,






“Endocrino & Diabetology”,



That’s all.

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