Developing Windows 8 Metro Style Apps Basics with XAML & C# Part-II

In previous articles, I have described how to develop Windows 8 Metro Style apps with GridViews with XAML & C#. Now, it’s also time to add proper ApplicationBars along with Windows 8 Settings Charm in your application to make more OS customized & slater view.

  1. Settings Charm in Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with Win RT Settings Components:
  •  Windows 8 Metro Style Apps has the capability to add Win RT settings & interoperability with Win RT (Windows RunTime Component) Shells.
  • With the help of this we can add customized Windows 8 RT Shell components with Metro app bars .

  • The integration works with the addition of Application Bars which on click produce the interoperability with Core Windows RunTime (Network, Volume, Power etc) components.

2. Snapping in Windows 8 Metro Style Apps:

Snapping in Windows 8 Metro Style apps really enable to get snapped view of your app. Just like Personalized settings panel in Windows 8 Developer Preview environment. Snapping can be also enabled in your Metro Style apps & associate with Win RT components.

  •  After implementing Snapping the app looks like this by pressing Windows + (.) key in preview mode.

  • Snapping can be implemented by adding the following pieces of code in your Windows 8 Metro Style apps in XAML based on C#  .
  • Import the following namespace :

using Windows.UI.ApplicationSettings;

  •  Write the event in MainPage Constructor:

ApplicationLayout.GetForCurrentView().LayoutChanged += new TypedEventHandler<ApplicationLayout,

 ApplicationLayoutChangedEventArgs> (MainPage_LayoutChanged);

  • Add the method body in MainPage.xaml.cs class body:

void MainPage_LayoutChanged(Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationLayout sender,

Windows.UI.ViewManagement. ApplicationLayoutChangedEventArgs args)


switch (args.Layout)


case Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationLayoutState.Filled:

this.Height = 1066;

this.Width = 768;


case Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationLayoutState.FullScreen:

this.Height = 768;

this.Width = 1366;


case Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationLayoutState.Snapped:

this.Height = 768;

this.Width = 320;






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Anindita Basak is working as Big Data Cloud Consultant in Microsoft. Worked in multiple MNCs as Developer & Senior Developer on Microsoft Azure, Data Platform, IoT & BI , Data Visualization, Data warehousing & ETL & of course in Hadoop platform.She played both as FTE & v- employee in Azure platform teams of Microsoft.Passionate about .NET , Java, Python & Data Science. She is also an active Big Data & Cloud Trainer & would love share her experience in IT Training Industry. She is an author, forum contributor, blogger & technical reviewer of various books on Big Data Hadoop, HDInsight, IoT & Data Science, SQL Server PDW & PowerBI.

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  1. rushabh55 says:

    There is an easier way.. Take a look at.. Fairly simple..
    You may check the blog, you can also handle the snap view only once, and make it respond to all scenarios.

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