Prism 4.1 February – 2012 for Windows Phone 7.1 Mango

The Prism toolkit 4.1 February -2012 release is available for Windows Phone Mango . On installing Prism_Source.exe  it will integrate WPF 4.0 for Desktop , Silverlight 5 , Windows Phone 7.1 Mango apps library side by side. Prism 4.1 has greater extensibility support over RIA on WPF 4.0, Silverlight 5 toolkit & Windows Phone.

  • To download the Latest Prism library 4.1 for WPF 4.0, Silverlight 5 & WP7  

             Click Here.

Now extract the Prism Source Library & open the folder named PrismLibrary & open the Phone profile to get the Prism 4.1 interactivity      modules for Windows Phone.

  • Run the project in VS 2010 with .NET framework 4.0 & check out latest prism namespaces module for WP7 named as
  1. Microsoft.Practices.Prism Namepace
  2. Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Commands Namespace
  3. Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Events Namespace
  4. Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Interactivity Namepace
  5. Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Interactivity.InteractionRequest Namespace
  6. Microsoft.Practices.Prism.ViewModel Namespace.

  • Set Prism.Interactivity & Prism.Interactivity.Tests as a Startup Project & debug the app in Windows Phone Mango emulator.

  • Move into details screen of event handler of prism library for Windows Phone Mango.

  • Check the Prism.Interactivity Modules for Windows Phone.

  • The Prism library 4.1 also includes Unit Testing framework support for Windows Phone Mango.

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Anindita Basak is working as Big Data Cloud Consultant in Microsoft. Worked in multiple MNCs as Developer & Senior Developer on Microsoft Azure, Data Platform, IoT & BI , Data Visualization, Data warehousing & ETL & of course in Hadoop platform.She played both as FTE & v- employee in Azure platform teams of Microsoft.Passionate about .NET , Java, Python & Data Science. She is also an active Big Data & Cloud Trainer & would love share her experience in IT Training Industry. She is an author, forum contributor, blogger & technical reviewer of various books on Big Data Hadoop, HDInsight, IoT & Data Science, SQL Server PDW & PowerBI.

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