Building Live Search & Sharing Contracts on Windows 8 Metro LOB Enterprise Apps

The Windows 8 Metro LOB Enterprise apps remain incomplete without the features of live Search & Sharing Contracts with other Metro apps as Share Source to Share Targets. The Sharing contracts helps to connect with live notifications , scheduling application data in either text, email with other Sharing Target apps.

  • Lets check to implement a Share Contract on a Metro LOB Enterprise app.

  • Add the following code for the Sharing contract :

protected override void LoadState(Object navigationParameter, Dictionary<String, Object> pageState)


// Allow saved page state to override the initial item to display

if (pageState != null && pageState.ContainsKey(“SelectedItem”))


navigationParameter = pageState[“SelectedItem”];


// TODO: Create an appropriate data model for your problem domain to replace the sample data

var item = RecipeDataSource.GetItem((String)navigationParameter);

this.DefaultViewModel[“Group”] = item.Group;

this.DefaultViewModel[“Items”] = item.Group.Items;

this.flipView.SelectedItem = item;

// Register for the DataRequested events

DataTransferManager.GetForCurrentView().DataRequested += OnDataRequested;


void OnDataRequested(DataTransferManager sender, DataRequestedEventArgs args)


    var request = args.Request;

    var item = (RecipeDataItem)this.flipView.SelectedItem;

request.Data.Properties.Title = item.Title;

request.Data.Properties.Description = “Recipe ingredients and directions”;

  //Share recipe text

     var recipe = “\r\nINGREDIENTS\r\n”;

recipe += String.Join(“\r\n”, item.Ingredients);

recipe += (“\r\n\r\nDIRECTIONS \r\n” + item.Directions);


//Share recipe image

var reference = RandomAccessStreamReference.CreateFromUri(newUri(item.ImagePath.AbsoluteUri));

request.Data.Properties.Thumbnail = reference;



  • Check the Sharing View with Windows stored applications :

  • Click on Share button from Windows Charm:

  • Select Mail to Share Applications Data & Image to text.

  • For Live Search Contract, lets create a SearchItemTemplate from Visual Studio 2012 templates.

  • Add  “ItemClick=”OnItemClick” on ListView named “resultsListView” & GridView named as “resultsGridView” of SearchItemPage.xaml.

//Search recipes and tabulate results

var groups = RecipeDataSource.GetGroups(“AllGroups”);

string query = queryText.ToLower();

var all = newList<RecipeDataItem>();

_results.Add(“All”, all);

foreach (var group in groups)


var items = newList<RecipeDataItem>();

_results.Add(group.Title, items);

foreach (var item in group.Items)


if (item.Title.ToLower().Contains(query) ||







filterList.Add(newFilter(group.Title, items.Count, false));


filterList[0].Count = all.Count;


private  void OnItemClick(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e)


this.Frame.Navigate(typeof(ItemDetailPage),  ((RecipeDataItem)e.ClickedItem).UniqueId);


  • Lets check the Search Contract implementation from Windows Settings Charm by pressing Windows + C button.

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