Using Fiddler 2 in debugging of Windows 8 Metro Style Apps (HTML5/JavaScript & XAML)

Fiddler 2 is a freeware Web Debugging tool used primarily for debugging & capturing of sessions, Headers, Cache-modules , JSON, XML view of Web apps. No only for Windows Client/Server/Phone enviornment , it’s highly recommended for capturing web sessions in iPhone/iPad devices also.  You can download the tool freely from the web & go through its tutorials at .

  • In this article, we will see how Fiddler 2 helps us to capture traffic in debugging Windows 8 Metro Style Apps in Windows  Developer Preview environment.
  • First of in Fiddler 2 tools you need to check the Tools -> Options -> Connections -> Check Allow Remote Computers to Connect .

  • Next , set the decryption of HTTPS traffic for Fiddler & allows Fiddlers certificates to install on your Windows 8 developer preview certification manager.
  • Click on Tools -> Fiddler Options -> HTTPS -> Check Decrypt HTTPS traffic . It will prompt for the popup for certificate installation.

  • Click Yes to follow the installation of Fiddler 2 certificate.

  • Click Yes to install the certificate in Trusted Root Certificate Applications.

  • Now check the Certificate manager by typing Windows + R   & type certmgr.exe & open Trusted Root Certificate Application & under the root , Click Certificate. Open the Fiddler 2 Certificate.

  • Now , Fiddler 2 can capture traffic sessions for Windows 8 Metro Style Apps debugging too. So , lets open a Metro Style apps in VS 11 Developer Preview & capture traffic sessions in fiddler 2.

  • Open the Inspector section to preview the debugging overview & session details of Windows 8 Metro Style apps in Fiddler 2.

Desktop Utilities from SysInternals to get Virtual Desktops

One of coolest Sysinternals Tool is the Desktop Utilities which helps to get four virtual desktops in your own running desktop. It helps the multitasking way  to work with multiple applications/ softwares  for developers. Lets see , to download the desktop utility which’s developed by Mark Russinovich & Bryce Cogswell.

Download it from here:

Current Version is : Desktops v1.02

  • Install the Desktops & check the utility to work with multiple desktops at sametime.

  • You can create 4 additional desktops at a time & switch back & forth to virtual desktops & your main desktop. Click ‘Press to Create Desktop 1/2/3/4’ to start additional virtual desktops.

  • You can select keys from keyboard according to switch from desktops like Alt, Control, Shift, Windows.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP (X86 & X64 ) & Onwards.
  • Windows Server 2003(X86 & X64) & Onwards.
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