Installation of SQL Server 2012 RC0(Release Candidate) in Windows 8 Developer Preview

SQL Server 2012 RC0 has published on November 2011 after the CTP3 beta Denali edition. The new edition of SQL Server 2012 RC0 contains a lot of improvements over the Database Engine, High Availability, BI tools prespective. Windows 8 Developer Preview is a next genetation Windows Slate OS version which influences developer to develop market ready  Metro Style apps.

  • Windows 8 Metro Style apps quite resemble with Windows Phone 7 Metro apps which having functionality with Windows Azure, Push Notification, Isolated Storage & Local Storage, Bing Maps integration, leveraging business data from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 etc.
  • In those respect it’s also important to integrate Metro Style apps with SQL Server databases. Tiles & notificates generation from data of SQL Server, Configuring & developing SSRS reports in tablets, Windows Slates too.
  • Lets see the installation of SQL Server 2012 RC in Windows 8 Developer Preview(Client).
  • First enable .NET Framework 3.5.1 in Windows 8 Developer Preview otherwise it will create issues in SQL Server 2012 RC installation.
  • Step by step reference of enabling .NET Framework 3.5.1 in Windows 8 Developer Preview:

  • Lets start by checking the licence rules. For Express editions & Express with Advanced Editions no Product Key is required.

  • Lets check the installation rules. First installer will run Update rules if any recent updates for SQL Server 2012 RC is available or not.

  • It’s will check the instance rules & divisions.

  • Next, it will prompt to select the features needed for the installation.

  • Next prompt will update the Server Configurations for SQL Server 2012 RC .

  • Alternatively, you can check for Collation properties.

  • Then , look out for the instance selection which is one of important step in SQL Server installation.

  • You have select the authentication features for SQL Server 2012 RC in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

  • Alternately, you can enable Filestream data to obtain data from Remote SQL Servers.


  • Next step is to configure the SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 , you can select ‘install & configure’ or ‘install only’.

  • After that, carry out the normal installation procedure in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

  • Next, the installation got successful , you will get Complete dialog box shows the selected features already got installed.

  • Now , Open SQL Server Management Studio 2012 to check in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

  • That’s it, start working on SQL Server 2012 RC with Windows 8 Metro Style apps in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

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