Microsoft Twitter Analytics Tools(Consuming Big Data from Hadoop on Azure) with PowerPivot for Excel 2010 & Build PowerView Reports on SharePoint 2010 & SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services

Microsoft Twitter Analytics tool (Download from here) is part of SQL Azure Social Analytics Labs & leverages built in support for consuming Big Data (Hadoop on Azure, Hive Tables data, HDFS ) on BI tools(PowerPivot for Excel 2010, SSRS 2012 , SSAS 2012 & PowerView Reports on SharePoint 2010). Twitter Analytics is computed data for analysis of Social Analytics tool (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) to compute Top Tweets of the Day, Top Tweeter, Top Mentions etc. Overall computation focuses on Big Data Analytics on Windows Azure features commonly consume big data from Apache Hive, HDFS on Azure to MS BI tools.

  • Lets start first installing the tool on local system. It needs PowerPivot for Excel 2010 as recommendation engine to analyse the analytics sheet.

  • The Twitter Analytics installer installs the Twitter Analytics PowerPivot Excel 2010 sheet on your desktop. Analyse the Twitter Analytics PowerPivot sheet by providing the comma seperated queries to get data for Top Tweets for Top MSFT Products(Bing, Windows Phone, SQL Server etc.)

  • Lets check for Top People section of the Twitter Analytics tool for Favourite MSFT Products.

  • The Top Tweet Tones & Mentions about Top MSFT Products renders as follows.

  • The Details data shows off the Twitter Data Analytics according to Search Query,Date, Time of Day,Type, Tone & Tweeters.

  • Next, upload the Twitter Analytics PowerPivot Excel sheet into SharePoint 2010 PowerPivot Gallery part in order to build interactive PowerView Reports on SharePoint .

  • After uploading to SharePoint PowerView Gallery, Click on PowerView Report icon to build up the PowerView Report.


  • Implement the PowerView Report on MSFT Twitter Analytics Social Analytics Big Data with SharePoint 2010 web part & select Top Tweets of the day, Top Mentions of the Day about top MSFT Products, Tones count & People Positive , Negetive & Neutral Tones on Products like Bing, Office, SQL Server, Windows Phone.

Microsoft BI (Build up PowerView Reports) SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 works in iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Windows 8 Tablets, Windows Phone 7.5 & SmartPhones

The latest interactive BI tool of SQL Server 2012 is PowerView Reports which runs as an integrated Reporting Services app of SharePoint 2010. The PowerView Reports provides interactive support for Bubble Charts, Line Graphs along with the Matrix, Cards support having Metro Style UI approach.

Lets build an app to consume Windows Azure Data Market feed API on Excel PowerPivot . So, open Excel PowerPivot & select Azure DataMarket Feed API.

  • Lets Sign up for the Data Feed from Azure MarketPlace & get the dataset Atom feed URL. You need to provide the Account Key.

  • Lets populate the Azure DataMarket Feed data on Excel PowerPivot & develop the PivotCharts to analyse the World Health Statistical Analytics.

  • Now, save the Excel sheet & send it to SharePoint PowerPivot Gallery where we can start to build the PowerView Reports.

  • Lets run the PowerView report build on SharePoint 2010 on iPhone 4S device & check the PowerView reports run on iPhone , iPad , Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phone , Android & all smartphones.

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