Installation of SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint Designer on Windows 7 SP1

Installation of SharePoint Server 2010 & SharePoint Designer 2010 is quite tricky on Windows Clients, as it’s prerequisites are built to work with Windows Server 2008 SP2 onwards.

  • But, it’s easily achievable by Cinfiguring the Setup/config.xml in SharePointServer.exe / SharePointFoundation.exe. First extract the contents of SharePoint Server 2010 by typing the following command from command prompt as elevated mode in Windows 7.

D:\SharePointServer.exe /extract:c:\SharePoint  (pointing that your SharePoint Server.exe exists in following drive & extraction folder the same)

  • Open config.xml from c:\SharePoint\files\Setup & add the following line under <configuration> tag:

                                     <Setting Id=”AllowWindowsClientInstall” Value=”True”/>

  •   Save it & close the config.xml
  • Next , try to follow the setup.exe from the command prompt as follows:

  • Find the installation option StandAlone or Server – farm & proceed to installation.

  • now configure the installation with the SharePoint Products Configuration according to the settings choosen.
  •     Install Microsoft Chart Controls , Windows Identity Foundation & start the SharePoint Product Configuration settings:

  • Check out the IIS application pools running the SharePoint Web farm & check  app-pools settings must be Enable 32 bit applications to FALSE & all SharePoint services should be started.

  • Installation of SharePoint Designer 2010: SharePoint Designer 2010 can be installed on Windows Clients according to the office 2007/2010 x86/x64 settings.
  • If you installed office 2010 x86 on your x64 Windows then please install SharePoint Designer 2010 x86 version.

SharePoint Designer 2010 SP1 Default Page 

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