Using Fiddler 2 in debugging of Windows 8 Metro Style Apps (HTML5/JavaScript & XAML)

Fiddler 2 is a freeware Web Debugging tool used primarily for debugging & capturing of sessions, Headers, Cache-modules , JSON, XML view of Web apps. No only for Windows Client/Server/Phone enviornment , it’s highly recommended for capturing web sessions in iPhone/iPad devices also.  You can download the tool freely from the web & go through its tutorials at .

  • In this article, we will see how Fiddler 2 helps us to capture traffic in debugging Windows 8 Metro Style Apps in Windows  Developer Preview environment.
  • First of in Fiddler 2 tools you need to check the Tools -> Options -> Connections -> Check Allow Remote Computers to Connect .

  • Next , set the decryption of HTTPS traffic for Fiddler & allows Fiddlers certificates to install on your Windows 8 developer preview certification manager.
  • Click on Tools -> Fiddler Options -> HTTPS -> Check Decrypt HTTPS traffic . It will prompt for the popup for certificate installation.

  • Click Yes to follow the installation of Fiddler 2 certificate.

  • Click Yes to install the certificate in Trusted Root Certificate Applications.

  • Now check the Certificate manager by typing Windows + R   & type certmgr.exe & open Trusted Root Certificate Application & under the root , Click Certificate. Open the Fiddler 2 Certificate.

  • Now , Fiddler 2 can capture traffic sessions for Windows 8 Metro Style Apps debugging too. So , lets open a Metro Style apps in VS 11 Developer Preview & capture traffic sessions in fiddler 2.

  • Open the Inspector section to preview the debugging overview & session details of Windows 8 Metro Style apps in Fiddler 2.

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