Desktop Utilities from SysInternals to get Virtual Desktops

One of coolest Sysinternals Tool is the Desktop Utilities which helps to get four virtual desktops in your own running desktop. It helps the multitasking way  to work with multiple applications/ softwares  for developers. Lets see , to download the desktop utility which’s developed by Mark Russinovich & Bryce Cogswell.

Download it from here:

Current Version is : Desktops v1.02

  • Install the Desktops & check the utility to work with multiple desktops at sametime.

  • You can create 4 additional desktops at a time & switch back & forth to virtual desktops & your main desktop. Click ‘Press to Create Desktop 1/2/3/4’ to start additional virtual desktops.

  • You can select keys from keyboard according to switch from desktops like Alt, Control, Shift, Windows.

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP (X86 & X64 ) & Onwards.
  • Windows Server 2003(X86 & X64) & Onwards.
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