Developing Windows 8 Metro Style applications in Windows 8 Developer Preview with VMware Player

Development of Windows 8 Metro Style applications with HTML5,Javascript(Chakra) or XAML is quite easy but important is the installation of Windows 8 in VM (Hyper-V or VMware Workstation). For most of peoples like Oracle VirtualBox but I never experienced so much superior support in it. Freeware VMware player or VMware workstation is quite charming in that case otherwise Windows Hyper-V with a bootable vhd is best way for installation of Windows 8 Developer Preview.

  • Start with selection of the installation media & be careful about the selection of the guest operating system. VMware still does not support Windows 8 so keep the name of guest os as Windows 7 (for 32 bit Windows 8) & Windows 7 x64 for 64 bit Windows 8 developer preview.

  • Next, select the  harddisk space requirements in VMware player & save the VHD as backup in your drive.
  • Start booting with Windows 8 developer preview once you finished the customization of VM settings.

  • Next, setup the Windows 8 botting screen & populate with your Windows Live ID account.

  • Check the final preparation screen of Windows 8 developer preview.

  • Install the Visual Studio 11 developer preview & start with Windows 8 Metro Style apps development.

  • Lets check the VS 11 developer preview in Windows 8 Developer Preview.

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