A Welcome to Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has released on February 29th , 2012 at barcelona conference by Windows User Experience Team which reveals the new future for Tablets, Laptops, Slates with great experience of Metro Style Apps. Several new features has been flourished compared to developer preview of Windows 8 & hosting features for Touch centric devices as well as for laptop PCs.

Here is a quick preview of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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Developing Windows 8 Metro JavaScript Navigation Apps in VS 11 Developer Preview & Expression Blend 5 for Developer Preview

Building  Windows 8 Metro Style Apps with Javascript in VS 11 Developer Preview & Expression Blend 5 for Developer Preview is common & designing & coding support is same as in VS 11 Developer Preview & Expression Blend 5 for Developer Preview.  In this article , there is a simple demonstration of Navigation Applications of Javascript in VS 11 Developer Preview while the same could be also developed by designing in Expression Blend 5 for Developer Preview.

  • Lets start by creating a new project in VS 11 Developer Preview for Metro Style Apps in Javascript.

  • Next, Open homepage.html & modify with the following code :

<div class=”fragment homePage”>

<header role=”banner”aria-label=”Header content”>

<button disabledclass=”win-backbutton”aria-label=”Back”></button>

<div class=”titleArea”>

<h1 class=”pageTitle win-title”>Welcome to Navigation_With_JavaScript!</h1>



<section role=”main”aria-label=”Main content”>

<button>Click Me</button>

<div data-win-control=”WinJS.UI.Rating” data-win-options=”{averageRating:5,maxRating:10}”></div>




  • Check out that homepage.html & default.html both of files render the same view of homepage.html.
  • Now Check out the Views in Windows 8 Slates (Simulator) or local machine.

First Preview

Complete Ratings View

Ratings with 5 Preview

  • The same metro app can be designed in Expression Blend 5 for Developers Preview using Windows Library for JavaScript options.
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