Microsoft Office 2013 Preview of Excel PowerPivot & PowerView Reports with SQL Azure

The SQL Azure Database is connection oriented Cloud database on Windows Azure platform. The SQL Azure has connectivity with PowerPivot SQL Server 2012 connectivity over sharepoint 2010, Excel 2013 PowerPivot, WCF OData Services. The Excel 2013 has in-built support of PowerPivot, PowerView reports.

Lets start with connecting a SQL Azure database of AdventureWorks from SSMS.

  • Lets connect PowerPivot for Excel 2013 in order retrieve data from SQL Azure Database.

  • Put SQL Query to fetch data from SQL Azure tables into PowerPivot data tables.

  • Lets start with PowerView Reports from PowerPivot Tables. Build a Pivot Table in order to use as data source for PowerView reports.

  • The PowerView report is built on the Pivot Table data sources with background images support on Excel 2013.

  • The coolest feature of PowerView reports on Excel 2013 is the addition Map backgrounds on reports for enterprise Sales , Web Click Stream Analytics for Enterprise Dashboards & PowerView Reports.

  • Save the PowerView Reports on your SkyDrive folder from Office 2013 itself. Login into SkyDrive from Excel 2013 preview itself.

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