Windows 8 Consumer Preview & Windows Server 8 Beta Compatibility Cookbook – now Available

Last on March 27th, Windows 8 Consumer Preview & Windows Server 8 Beta Compatibility cookbook has released. The book contains releated features & modification details in windows 8 adaption for small as well as for enterprise business.

The document hightlights in majority of the following sections:

  • Client & Server Compatibility.
  • New Features & Enhancements.
  • Tools & Best Practices.

For More details , download the cookbook from here.

A Lap around ASP.NET MVC 4 Beta(Web API) for Mobile in VS 11 Beta Ultimate on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

While releaseing the concept of Windows 8 Developer Preview, the architecture & features of .NET framework 4.5 & ASP.NET 4.5 has already focused. With VS 11 Beta ultimate , the concept of asynchronus programming in ASP.NET 4.5 has started with its Asynchronus HTTP Request/Response paradigm. Now to start programming in MVC 4 beta for Mobile , you will have immense & inbuilt support of JQuery Mobile( , jquery.css files), HTML5 adaptive markups & CSS 3 media queries. To enable Mobile MVC 4 Web programming for fancy, VS 11 Beta includes inbuilt Page inspector support to examine the markup details, JScript rendering, CSS 3 style queries.

  • Next, to build up a MVC 4 Beta web project for ASP.NET 4.5 , create a new project from templates in VS 11 beta ultimate.

  • Select the Mobile Web from the selected templates & choose Razor /ASPX View according to  your selection.

  • Create the default project & examine the new file created called Packages.Config  which a inbuilt VS file containing all the .dll settings details along with their original version information installed in GAC of .NET 4.5.

  • Next , check the MVC 4 Web in IE10 with advanced JQuery , HTML 5 & CSS 3 media queries support.

  • Open the .cshtml pages in Page Inspector which is inbuilt with VS 11 beta Ultimate to examine the HTML5, CSS 3 styles  , javascript debugging features.

  • Enable the Page Inspector settings & check the live preview of your Web in Visual Studio 11 Beta  .

  • Now, the publish the Web in IIS 7.5 Express. Note though Windows 8 Consumer Preview has IIS 8 support but VS 11 Beta still works with IIS 7.5 express as local IIS. So deploy MVC 4 beta website in IIS 7.5 express via web deploy.

  • Now , check the MVC 4 Web URL in iOS 5 devices & check ASP.NET MVC 4 Web API Mobile web appearence.


Installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMWare Workstation

Installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview in VMWare Workstation is quite simple as same like installing Windows 8 Developer Preview in VMWare. So in this case , prepare & customize the hardware settings. For my x86 system , I recommend to use HDD – 100 GB & RAM- 1536 MB.

Lets start by creating a new VHD for Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

  • Next , keep the name of Guest OS as Windows 7 as still VMWare does not been upgraded for Windows 8 naming.

  • After configuring Hardware customization , lets start by booting the Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

    • Next, Start Windows Installation by selecting choosen drive.  The Default driver is selected  by default.

Choose your settings & start initializing for installation of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


  • Next, provide your Windows Store ID or Windows Live ID to setup a LogIn account in Windows .

  • Provide a suitable name for your PC & add with the Account settings.

  • Start launching Windows 8 Consumer Preview .    Sign in with your Windows Live ID & password.

  • Lets start by preparing Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  
  • Start experience with Windows 8 Consumer Preview .

A Welcome to Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has released on February 29th , 2012 at barcelona conference by Windows User Experience Team which reveals the new future for Tablets, Laptops, Slates with great experience of Metro Style Apps. Several new features has been flourished compared to developer preview of Windows 8 & hosting features for Touch centric devices as well as for laptop PCs.

Here is a quick preview of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Explore more articles on Windows 8 Consumer Preview on next series.

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