Hortonworks Data Platform Administration: Deployment of Hortonworks HDP 2.2 using Ambari 1.7, Ambari Views, add-ons & Configuration of Yarn Capacity & Fair Scheduler.

In HDP administration certification, one of major important task is to set up the deployment of HDP cluster using Apache Ambari either on-premise  or in any cloud vendor’s cluster(e.g Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform). HDP deployment & administration facility is available using Apache Ambari on both AWS EC2 & Azure VM linux platform.

In this video, we provided step by step guidance on installation of HDP 2.2 using Ambari on AWS Elastic Cloud cluster platform large instance, since deploying version is HDP 2.2, along with the basic steps of VM image creation, password-less SSH authentication, setting up secure encryption (.pem) file, installation of Ambari on RHEL 6.5, configuration & starting the service before HDP installation.

The master & slave nodes are deployed into separate clusters & total seven (7) VM s are utilized for the demo.



In the next video, We have shown the latest updates of Ambari 1.7 on Hortonworks HDP 2.2 version clusters, Ambari views & several new add-ons which makes easy for configuration of Yarn Capacity schedulers & Yarn Fair Schedulers, job versioning concepts, easy addition of new hosts in the production cluster, downloading additional components of hive settings XML configuration file(e.g. hive-site.xml) on local system.


Detail sessions are available for candidates looking for Hortonworks HDP administration training(certifications). You can contact us if you are looking for an online instructor led real-world industry expert based training course.


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