Anindita Basak is working currently as Partner Technical Consultant for Azure PaaS, BI & Data Analytics @ Microsoft. She has immense experience in delivering data intensive applications based on Cloud & building up analytical visualizations with MSFT Data & IoT platform. She worked as Big Data Developer for several US based Big Data & Analytics startups (MAX451 LLC & Doyenne360 LLC), Module Leader – Development for Alten specializing in Windows Azure (Microsoft Cloud) Business with focusing on SaaS development, enablement & Solution Architecture model.

  • worked as Professional Direct Delivery Manager on Windows Azure in Microsoft Corporation Critsit Management (CMET)  Group & Senior Systems Analyst in Sonata Software North America Inc.
  • Worked as Senior Software Engineer in Data Core Systems Inc(DC Group , US).
  • Worked as Support Engineer in Microsoft India(R&D) Pvt. Ltd .
  • worked in Hewlett-Packards India [Education Services] as Corporate Trainer.

Passionate to work with Microsoft .NET, Windows Azure  & Mobile Technologies.

Contact me for Any Questions or Concerns. I am happy to answer your queries.



email  :


Feel free to involve me in your projects for consultation


22 Responses to Contact

  1. wiseteamsd says:

    Hi Anindita,
    your blog is amazing, seriously thank you, it’s very helpful,
    i m a software engineering student from Tunisia, now i’m interested in developping Metro style Apps, i wanna to know that is it possible to use Bing Maps with XAML and c# in Metro style project.
    Just, I found some tutorials that use Javascript.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. hummerpj says:

    Hi Anindita,

    I read your article about creating an app in MVC and I was wondering if you could offer any advice. One caveat is that I am using MVC3 currently. I am getting a really strange bug using apple-mobile-web-app-capable in the head. It displays fine using regular safari mobile but when run from the home screen safari mobile runs in full screen but is not rendering the page properly. It is acting almost as if the head section doesn’t exist because it is displaying the javascript and tag contents in the body and not rendering any html, css or javascript elements.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. You can see the source example below.

    It looks like this when run from home screen:

    Test App function BlockMove(event) { // Tell Safari not to move the windowevent.preventDefault();} Mobile: Password:

    Thanks a ton!

  3. ursfrnd says:

    Hello, plz help me:, i have developed an android app. and made application too. i want to check username and password in, and if user name is correct i want to store value in android recordset, how can i do this? how can i access data in android from

  4. surajitdey says:

    Hi Anindita,

    I am very new in Rhomobile. I need to do login to a webservice via rhoconnect. Can u help me regarding this. I couldn’t find any source code to implement such functionality. If help me, it wil be very helpful to me.

    Advanced Thanks,


  5. srinione says:

    Hi Anindita,
    Can you please help me building the DICOM viewer ?

  6. coolarchtek says:

    Hi Anindita,

    Firstly wow!! I have viewed works you posted on your blog and they look amazing.. Maybe there are many mobile developers these days, but I never developed any app or even a sample app my self.. When I looked at your blog I liked it very much.

    Thank you very much sharing your knowledge with others, really appreciate that.

    As I mentioned earlier, I am new to mobile development. I am trying to develop an app using MonoDroid (using C#). My app needs database connectivity and good UI. For UI I am planning to use jQueryMobile.

    Can you please let me know the technology I choose is the best? MonoDroid and jQueryMobile. Not sure about how to interact with DB using mono yet!! not there yet..

    The reason I choose this, because I need to provide some kind of prototype to my company and they feel it working and they like it.. then they will buy some software or Mono licence.


  7. bkdprakash says:

    Hi Anindita, I’m working on Offline Mobile Web Apps in HTML5 with Razor MVC.Net. I have a concern in Reading Contact List from iPhone/Android. I have checked with phonegap with jquery. But it was not working. Could you please suggest me anything.

  8. Jack Lin says:

    hi Anindita, just curious what JS files did you use to build your dicom viewer? i am interested in html5 zero foot print viewer, so essentially it’s platform independent. you can reach me at cwjacklin at gmail thanks!

  9. Hi Anindita this is Ganesh from Hyderabad i am new to phoneGap, and thanks for giving best codes for Dicom Viewr in HTML5 and iPhone but it is not working in Android Mobile. can you please provide the code or modification in your code of dicom Viewr in iPhone.
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Thanks for reply Anindita, But that is an Android app but i need to run in PhoneGap that is specified by you in, but that is run in Android with Cordovo.js it is shows the error like “TypeError:Result of expression ‘file'[undefined] is not object..”
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Thanks Anindita for your responce…..

  12. t2007patrick says:

    Hi Anindita,

    I am trying to find some answers and guidance about a good strategy when using Azure for a web and mobile application I am starting. With your background, you seem like the perfect person to answer such questions. I’m wondering if you do any freelance consulting on the side. Not programming, but just providing some general strategy advice and answering questions. If so, can you let me know how to contact you.



    • imcuteani says:

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your mail. Definitely I am eager to assist you & willing to provide consultation on .NET Azure application. Please let me know your queries & issues regarding the platform.

      You can reach me through email :
      skype : anindita.basak1986

      Let me know if you have any concerns.


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