Implement Windows Azure Websites from Web matrix 3 installed from Windows Azure Management Portal

Recently it has been announced the availability of Web matrix 3 as mentioned  here. You can now install Web matrix in order to work on Windows Azure Websites from Windows Azure Management Portal itself as shown.


  • If  click on Webmatrix icon , you would be forwarded to following dialog.


  • Lets install the Web matrix tool in order to start coding on Azure websites.


  • After installing , lets start coding with latest interface & run directly the app with Azure website URL(*
  • You can sign in directly using your Microsoft Account or Org id in order to run your app on Windows Azure from Web matrix 3.


  • Once you sign in , you are good to go to work on code on Windows Azure websites as followed.


  • Even you can run the application from Remote server as configured from Web matrix 3 settings.

Hybrid Applications on Cloud , Elastic & Resilent Cloud Apps- Ebooks available from Microsoft Patterns & Practices

Building Scalable, Rich & Enterprise LOB apps on Windows Azure platform makes more easy by Pattern & Practices Team. Introduces their new book “Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure“.

The book contains indepth features of Synchronizations of data across Cloud & On-premise(SQL Azure Sync framework capability) , ACS & ADFS integration in terms of identity solutions, vivid description of Enterprise reliable messaging & communications mechanisms by Service bus remoting, EDI & EAI frameworks, Web services(Push & Pull model), scalability & high availability on Autoscaling application blocks(wasabi cmdlets), Network latency (Azure Traffic Manager), Cross -network communication.


  • Download the book here.

For Resilent & Autoscaling features, complete guidelines about Autoscaling Wasabi cmdlets , storage application blocks. Download ebook “Building Elastic & Resilent Applications on Cloud Developer’s Guide to the Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure”.

Download the book from here

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